Thursday, June 06, 2013

All of Twitter on Google Maps

Ever since David Troy's awesome Twittervision map Twitter has become one of the most used data sources for Google Maps API developers. Here are just a few of my favourite Google Maps based applications that also use the Twitter API.

You can see many more examples by viewing the Twitter tag on Google Maps Mania.

Trendsmap is probably the best map of Twitter trends. The map shows recent trends on Twitter live on a Google Map for any location that you choose.

Move the map and zoom in on any location and the Twitter trends shown on the map will update in real-time. The map is live, so if you leave the map zoomed in on one location you can see the trends growing and changing on the map over time.

Tweereal is a Google Map of Twitter users activity in real-time. The map displays an animation of the latest Tweets that contain geo-tags.

The Twitter messages are shown on the map by expanding coloured circles. It is possible to adjust the size and the opacity of the circles on the map. The map also includes slider controls that allow the user to control the length of the circle animation and the precision of their location.

Have you ever wondered where your Twitter followers live? Wonder no more - let TweepsMap provide you with the answer.

There are a number of applications that use Google Maps to show you the locations of your Twitter followers. TweetsMaps however can show you the percentage of users you have in different countries. It even allows you to drill down and see how many followers you have in each state and in each city.

GlobalTweets is a Google Map and timeline of Twitter messages.

GlobalTweets allows users to search the Twitter messages shown on the map or filter the results by the type of Tweet. The Tweets can be viewed as individual messages or as a heat map, so it is possible to gauge the extent of Twitter activity at different locations around the world.

The latest Tweets are also displayed in the timeline beneath the map. It is possible to translate, reply or retweet any of the messages on the map.

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