Monday, June 10, 2013

Mapping With Google

Google's online mapping course, Mapping with Google, has now started.

Mapping with Google starts today and continues until June 24th. Complete the course and not only will you learn all about Google Maps and Google Earth you will also earn yourself a Google Maps Project certificate and / or a Google Earth Project certificate.

The Google Map part of the course involves completing three units, each unit consisting of a number of activities. Unit 1 is really just a short introduction to the course. Unit 2 is a general introduction to some of the useful features of Google Maps. The unit involves searching and sharing links to Google Maps and learning all about directions on Google Maps.

Unit 3 actually involves making your own maps using Google Maps Engine Lite. If you have never used Maps Engine Lite the unit is a great introduction into how to import data into Google Maps Engine and how to create well designed and nicely styled maps.

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