Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Sun Always Shines on Google Maps

Google has had a busy week with Google Maps, releasing new cloudless satellite imagery and a new DynamicMapsEngineLayer for the Google Maps API.

The new satellite imagery virtually eliminates clouds on Google Maps. Google has been able to achieve this new virtually cloudless world by mining data from a large number of Landsat 7 satellite images of the same areas.

The new DynamicMapsEngineLayer for the Google Maps API allows developers to visualise and interact with data hosted in Google Maps Engine.

The new layer gives developers access to public datasets hosted by Maps Engine. You can find out the data sets available in the Maps Engine gallery (look for the 'Maps API code' link below a map for accessible data). The new layer obviously also allows you to access Google Maps Engine data that you own yourself and use the data inside your Google Maps API applications.

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