Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mapping the Best of the World's Architecture

Archilovers is a social network for architects, designers and lovers of architecture. Users of the network can post projects, exchange opinions and interests, and get to know designers and architects around the world.

The Archilovers Google Map presents a mapped interface to featured architectural projects around the world. Users can select the featured project on the map and click-through to visit the dedicated page about the project. The map includes a Street View layer so, where available, it is also possible to view the projects with Google's interactive panoramic images.

The World Architecture Map (WAM) is a database of architectural information that uses Google Maps to show the locations of architectural interesting buildings around the world. It is possible to search for buildings on WAM by location, building type, architectural style or by tags.

Arti-Fact is great collection of architecturally important buildings and sculptures that can be found on Google Maps Street View.

It is possible to search the collections by either 'architecture' or 'sculpture' and then search by country or by city. It is also possible to view collections of featured artists and architects. For example, you can view a map of links to Street Views of the buildings of the recently deceased Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

If you select a marker on any of the collection maps a Street View of your selection will load, with details about the sculpture or building displayed and the responsible artist or architect.

MIMOA is a Google Maps based guide to modern architecture around the world. It is possible to browse the collection of modern architectural gems by location and by type of project.

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