Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Unlazy DayZ on Google Maps

I've never played the multiplayer survival horror game DayZ but it does seem to have the most attractive maps. The inclusion of topographic contour lines isn't something you see very often in game maps and their use in the DayZ game maps does help to make them stand apart.

The DayZ Map uses the Google Maps API to present an interactive map of Chernarus. The map includes a number of markers showing important locations in the game.

I did notice in the code for the map a note saying "based on LDAP perms for logged in user to enable beta Streetview". Therefore there may be hidden custom Street Views of Chernarus in this map, which would be really cool. However I can't work out how you log-in or register with the map so I haven't been able to discover this feature.

DayZDB is another map of the post-Soviet state depicted in the game. This map was built using Leaflet.

DayZDB includes a number of options to refine the markers displayed on the map. The map sidebar includes buttons to filter the displayed markers by Residential, Military, Farm and Industrial.

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