Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Maps of the Week - Part Two

Amsterdam Campus is an amazing 3d map of Amsterdam created to highlight Amsterdam's creative industry. The project was built using three.js and D3 and requires a modern browser that supports WebGL.

The map includes links to fly-to specific areas of the city that have clusters of creative companies. The map also includes a demo link that continuously repositions the camera randomly. 

The Country Shape Quiz has used D3 country shapefiles to create a little geography quiz. Players are presented with a series of country shapes and they have to correctly guess the country displayed.

The game is fiendishly difficult - at least it is for me.

The Neighborhoods Project is a really interesting attempt to crowdsource US neighborhood polygons. The Project uses location data from geotagged Flickr photos to provide neighborhood shapefiles for US towns and cities.

If you are unhappy with a neighborhood polygon you can edit the shape to your own satisfaction. User edits then feedback into the project to hopefully improve the neighborhood polygons. 


Anonymous said...

another nice webgl map view of amsterdam

Keir Clarke said...

Yeah that's awesome. I came across that map myself this morning.