Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tracking the Trolls on Google Maps

A French couple (and their dog, Thalio) set sail in 2007 to travel the world aboard their yacht Troll. You can follow the progress of Francoise and Thierry on their Google Map Le Petit Monde de Troll.

The map shows the current position of Troll and a track of its progress so far. The track of their journey includes short reviews of places where they have moored during their long voyage.

Looking at the Le Petit Monde de Troll map reminded me that I haven't checked out the progress of Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog for a while. Frank is sailing around the world on his boat Tahina.

Frank is blogging his trip on the Tahina Expedition. As well as his frequent blog updates the Tahina Expedition features a Google Map displaying the Tahina's current position and a track of the Tahina's journey around the world.

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