Monday, January 16, 2017

Animating Wave & Swell Forecasts

The global weather map VentuSky has a new animated wave layer which visualizes the movement of waves in the oceans & seas across the world.

Ventusky's new animated wind layer shows two types of waves: swells and wind waves. Swells are shown on the map in black and wind waves are colored white. Having both swells and wind waves on the map means that it is easy to quickly spot locations where high wind waves are travelling in a different direction to swells. This means that you can identify areas with dangerous sailing conditions. Other dangerous sailing conditions can arise when the wind is blowing against the direction of the waves. Using VentuSky's wind layer with the new wave layer means that you can also quickly identify areas with these conditions on the map.

The data for the VentuSky wave layer comes from the highly precise German ICON model, which has a resolution of approximately 13 km. The German ICON data is used primarily for directing maritime transport.

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