Monday, January 09, 2017

Day Trip to Mars

There's no better way to start the working week than by taking a little day-trip to Mars. However you don't want to get lost on your journey so I recommend that you take along NASA's definitive map of Mars.

There's no getting lost with NASA's Mars Trek. If you already know your destination on Mars you can use the map's search panel to instantly locate your place of arrival. But don't worry if this is your first trip to Mars. Mars Trek also provides a number of ways for the newcomer to feel instantly at home on the red planet.

The Bookmarks Panel provides a great introduction to the many different wonders of Mars. It provides quick links to places that you will not want to miss on your visit. For example, the Major Features' link will highlight on the map some of Mars' most spectacular geological features, including the biggest volcanoes in the solar systems and the planet's most spectacular rift valleys. The Bookmarks Panel also contains links to NASA's many landing sites on Mars and the path taken by the fictional astronaut Mark Watney in The Martian.

Another great way to start your journey on Mars is by consulting the (Is There) Life on Mars interactive map. This beautiful topographical map of Mars provides a wealth of information about Mars' most important craters and spacecraft landings.

This map also allows you to explore how Mars might look if it had water. The map's Water Layer allows you to view water on the surface of Mars based on the planet's elevation data. Using this layer you can add lakes, seas and oceans to Mars and turn the red planet partly green (read the 'details' for an explanation as to why water on Mars wouldn't appear blue).

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