Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's Snowing!

The UK Met Office has issued a warning that large areas of the country will experience snow today. Which means that it's time for the #uksnow Map.

The #uksnow Map shows the location of tweets that mention snow on a map of the UK. To add snow to the map you just need to include the hashtag '#uksnow' in a Twitter message and a UK postcode. You should also add a score out of ten (where 0/10 = no snow and 10/10 = a blizzard).

Currently the map is showing snow in Scotland and the north of England. If the Met Office forecast proves correct Wales and the whole west & south of England should also light up on the map by the rest of the day.

Readers in the USA might want to check-out the National Snowfall Map, which uses data from 50,000 National Weather Service weather observers to visualize the last 24 hours of snowfall across the whole of the United States. Currently the National Snowfall Map is showing a lot of snow in the very north and down much of the west of the USA.

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