Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Green is Your City?

MIT Sensable City Lab has used Google Maps Street View images to assess the amount of tree canopy cover that exists in cities around the world. They have then used this data to give each of the assessed cities a 'Green View Index' score.

Of the 12 cities assessed so far Vancouver emerges as the greenest city. Paris currently has the lowest Green View Index score. MIT promises that more cities will be assessed and will be available soon on their Treepedia map.

You can find out how green your city is using the Treepedia interactive map. Using the map's drop-down menu you can zoom in on an individual city to view its overall Green View score. Colored circles on the map also provide an overview of the tree canopy cover that is available at locations across the city. If you select one of the colored circles on the map you can view the 'Green View' score given for that location and view a Street View image of the address.

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