Monday, January 09, 2017

Mountains of Yellow Snow

Vox has created a daily snowfall map of the United States. The National Snowfall Map uses data from 50,000 National Weather Service weather observers to visualize the last 24 hours of snowfall across the whole country.

The map makes good use of Mapbox GL's extrude property to represent the amount of snowfall by height and color. The height of the extrusions is obviously exaggerated on the map to help visualize the amount of fallen snow at each location.

If you are interested in creating your own data visualizations using Mapbox GL's extrude property then you might also be interested in Ubilab's recent tutorial 3D Map Visualizations with Mapbox GL JS. This tutorial does a good job at explaining how you can add a data layer to a Mapbox GL map and how you can then use the extrude property to create a 3d visualization with that data. The tutorial includes an example map where European unemployment rates are represented by the height and color of countries on a Mapbox GL map.

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