Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mapping the Spoken Word

LocalLingual is a new global map which allows you to listen to how people speak around the world. Click on a country on the LocalLingual map and you can hear an audio recording of a local speaking the name of the country and the country's capital. You can even listen to a recording of the country's national anthem.

LocalLingual is also a crowd-sourced map, Which means in many countries you can also listen to user contributions of recordings of other words and phrases spoken in the local language. In many countries on the map you can even drill down to listen to recordings in more localized languages, dialects and accents.

After you select an area on the map you need to select the 'Listen to voices from this region' link. You will then be presented with a list of words and short phrases that are available. To listen to the recordings you just need to click on the little face icon next to each word or phrase. You can add your own recording to the map by selecting the 'Record a voice for this region' link.

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