Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mapping the Museum

The Sir John Soane's Museum is one of London's most interesting museums. The museum is in the home of the 19th century neo-classical architect John Soane and contains many of his drawings and models. It also contains many examples from his huge collection of paintings and antiquities.

Luckinly, if you can't visit the museum in person, the Sir John Soane's Museum has an outstanding 3D map which allows you to explore two of the museum's rooms in virtual reality. Explore the Soane Museum is an incredible interactive 3D model of the complete home of Sir John Soane. The interactive allows you to fly through the museum in 3D and explore two of the museum's rooms in very close detail.

The 3D model of the Sir John Soane's Museum was created by ScanLab Projects. You can view more of their impressive 3D modelling work on the BBC's Invisible Italy project. Currently the BBC's Invisible Italy website includes links to three 3D models of Italy created by ScanLab Projects. These include 360 degree panoramic videos of 3D models of the Doge's Palace, a Florence street and the Roman ruins of Naples.

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