Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Communities at Risk from Covid-19

The Washington Post has created an interactive map which allows you to explore which census tracts in your town or city might be most at risk from the coronavirus. We now know that some areas are more susceptible to high rates of Covid-19 than others. Some of the factors contributing to higher rates of mortality include overcrowded housing, high levels of existing health conditions and high percentages of non-white populations.

The Post has created an interactive map which identifies the census tracts in every town in America which have overcrowded households, the most uninsured, a minority population greater than 50 percent and a high proportion of the population ranking highly on the CDC vulnerability index. If you search for a location on the Explore chronic health rates in your community interactive map and then select one of these four metrics the map will highlight the census tracts which are most at risk under that metric. All census tracts on the map are also colored to show the health risk in each tract compared to the national average.

The Washington Post article accompanying the map looks more closely at those areas where non-white Americans have been experiencing higher rates of Covid-19 than the white population. For example in Washington DC 64% of the population is non-white and yet non-whites have made up 89% of deaths. New York has a 68% non-white population but the non-white population makes up 83% of deaths.

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