Monday, May 18, 2020

Mapping the Nakba

During the 1948 Palestine War around half the Palestinian people were forced from their homes. Nearly the entire urban Palestinian population was expelled before the Israeli Declaration of Independence in May 1948. For this year's Nakba Day the Palestine Open Maps project has created an interactive story map exploring the effects of the Palestine War on the Palestinian people.

In How the Nakba Transformed Palestine the Palestine Open Maps project explores how 500 Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and over 750,000 people displaced during the creation of the State of Israel. The Palestine Open Maps project has used 155 vintage maps from the British Mandate of Palestine to create a huge interactive map of Palestine in the 1940's.

This large interactive map is used to show the huge number of Palestinian towns and villages which were destroyed and displaced during the creation of the state of Israel. The map shows an overview of the Palestinian villages and towns which existed across Palestine before the Nakba. Colored dots are overlain on the map to show the towns which were destroyed, depopulated and those which remain today.

Each time you reach the end of the story map a different Palestinian town or village is highlighted on the map to show how it was effected by the Nakba. This includes details on the historic Palestinian population in the town and a satellite view of how the town looks today. If you want to learn more about other individual towns or villages you can hit the 'random' button (to learn more about a random town) or you can type in the name of a town or village to learn more about its fate.

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AuggieEast said...

Everyone should remember that it was the Palestinians who rejected the UN partition and along with Arab armies attacked the nascent Israeli state, and they lost. Then they tried it again and again, losing more territory each time. The fact that the Palestinians would probably now take any of the deals they previously rejected between 1947 and 2000 shows how terrible their leadership has been, unable to recognize that as times goes on any deal's terms gets worse for them.