Monday, May 11, 2020

Movement in the Age of Deconfinement

From today people in France have a little more freedom. May 11th marks the first stage of France's 'Deconfinement' plan. As of today the French are allowed to travel by car without certification on trips up to 100 km long. Trips beyond 100 km - as the crow flies - from your home are prohibited.

Deconfinement: How Far Can You Go? is a handy interactive map which shows you a 100 km radius around your house. Click on your location on the map and you can view a blue circle outlining the area which you are now allowed to move within. The map also highlights one location which is exactly 100 km from your home.

The French are not the only country who are now easing out of their lock-down. Since last Saturday  Spaniards have been allowed to leave their homes for walks and to take exercise. However Spaniards  must remain within a one-kilometer radius of their home when they exercise.  El Pais has released a useful interactive map to show people the area around their homes where they are now able to walk, run or cycle. Enter an address into the How far can adults go for a walk interactive map and you can view a circle visualizing a 1 km radius around your home.

There are also time based restrictions on when Spaniards are allowed to exercise. All outdoor exercises in Spain must take place between 6am and 10am, or between 8pm and 11pm.

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