Saturday, May 30, 2020

Snapchat Protests

Snap Map can often be a very good guide to how events are unfolding in real-time. With much of America still reeling from the killing of George Floyd you can get a sense of the anger being felt across the country from the videos currently being submitted to Snap Chat.

Snap Map allows you to see where other Snap Chat users are in real-time and view any media that they may have submitted using the application. At the moment Snap Map in the United States is providing a pretty accurate view of where protests against the killing of George Floyd are now taking place.

Obviously Snap Map is not a heat-map of the current protests. All the map really shows is where the most people are currently using Snap Chat to share their locations and videos. However the map does seem to provide a fairly accurate picture of where protests are presently taking place. Snap Map has the added benefit of allowing you to view video being shot by people on the ground. If you zoom in on any of the hot-spots shown on the map then more videos will appear which you can view directly from the map. Most of the videos at the moment seem to be from and of the protests.

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