Monday, May 11, 2020

The 2020 Lock Down Music Festival

There will be no music festivals this year. Unless you create your own.

At home!

Oslo World can help you get in the festival mood with their new music map, which features music which has been compiled by festival organizers from all over the world. The Oslo World Music Festival is a music festival held in Norway every year. The festival features music from around the globe, but with a primary focus on music from Asia, Africa and Latin America. This year's Oslo World Music Festival has obviously been cancelled. But there is no need to cancel all your fun.

Oslo World has asked festival organizers around the world to compile a list of their favorite top 20 songs. You can listen to all those festival playlists on the new Oslo World - Maps the World interactive music map.

Using the map you can listen to the top 20 songs as decided by some of the biggest festivals in the world. Each festival's song-list includes tunes which have been performed at the festival in the past or is a song that is inspiring the festival organizers right now.

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