Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Is the Water Safe to Drink?

Is Water Safe to Drink is an interactive map which advises you on the drinking quality of tap water in countries around the world. The map uses water quality assessments from a number of different sources to provide an overview of the water quality in each country.

When we travel to foreign countries many of us default to drinking bottled water because of our doubts over the quality of the local tap water. This can not only be expensive it is also very bad for the environment. Is Water Safe to Drink hopes to encourage you to avoid bottled water where possible by telling you where it is safe to drink the local tap water.

Countries are colored on the Is Water Safe to Drink map based on an their water quality score. The darker the blue then the safer the water is to drink. If you click on a country you can view its World Health Organization score (which is the percentage of the country's tap water which is safe to drink), the Lonely Planet assessment of the country's water quality and its Numbeo score (a number out of 100).

If you click on a country on the map you can also view a calculation of the amount of money you can save by drinking the local tap water rather than buying bottled water.

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