Monday, June 15, 2020

Chicago BLM

The South Side Weekly has created a story map which chronicles the conflicts between police and protesters in downtown Chicago on May 30th. What Happened May 30? uses a combination of eyewitness accounts, video and photographs to provide a chronological report of the events which resulted in what many people feel was unjustified force by the police against people protesting against the killing of George Floyd.

As you progress through the South Side Weekly's map eye witness accounts explain how the police used kettling tactics and the closure of bridges to try and contain what had been up to then a largely peaceful protest. These tactics appear to be at least partly to blame for the ensuing violence. Violence which resulted in 250 complaints being filed against the CPD, 494 arrests and 85 officers being injured.

Naughtily the South Side Weekly appear to have removed the OpenStreetMap and Mapbox copyright notices but I think the map was created using the Mapbox Storytelling Template. This sin of omission is a bit of a shame because otherwise this is a compelling combination of eyewitness accounts, visual media and interactive mapping to provide a chronological account of the events in Chicago on Saturday May 30th.

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