Friday, June 26, 2020

Mapping International Migration Flow

International Migrant Stock in 2019 is an interactive flow map showing the number of immigrants and emigrants moving into and out of countries around the world. The map also shows the countries where all those migrants moved to and from. The map uses data from the United Nations to show which countries immigrants in each country came from and where emigrants from each country moved to.

If you select a country from the drop-down menu you can view a flow map of migration into the country and a flow map showing where emigrants from the country moved to. For example if you choose the United States you can view scaled flow lines showing the countries where U.S. immigrants have come from. The biggest flow line is for Mexico. If you click on the flow line emanating from Mexico it is revealed that around 11.5 million Mexican immigrants live in the United States.

If you switch the map to show which countries people from America are moving to you find that again the thickest flow line is between the USA and Mexico. Around 632,000 people have moved from the United States to Mexico. At the bottom of both the immigration flow and emigration flow maps for each country you can view data on the total number of immigrants and emigrants. According to the map in 2019 2.91 million people from America were living abroad and the United States had 48 million people who had migrated there from other countries.

If you want to see the immigrant and emigrant flows for other countries just select a country name from the drop-down menu in the map sidebar.

The International Migrant Stock 2019 flow map was created with R and D3.js. You can learn a little more about how the globe was created on this Flow Globe blog post.

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