Saturday, June 13, 2020

How to Git Yonder - Cowboy Driving Directions

If you've ever wondered how to git yonder then you may be in need of Yondermap. Yondermap is a driving directions service designed exclusively for the use of cowboys & cowgirls (although you can use it as well).

Enter a request for directions into Yondermap and you will receive your riding directions on a Western themed interactive map. The detailed driving instructions provided with your map are also given in the parlance of the old west (e.g. "Giddy up on exit 182").

At the heart of Yondermap is a Mapbox Studio styled custom map and Mapbox Directions. The custom map style uses Western themed fonts, colors and icons. The default step-by-step driving instructions provided with Mapbox Directions (e.g. 'turn left', 'turn right') have been replaced with more appropriate cowboy themed terminology (e.g. 'hang a Louie', 'hang a Ralph').

Yondermap also comes with custom URL's. It is therefore possible to save the link to the map of a particular route or share the link to a set of directions with your friends.

If you prefer your directions given by a pirates then you might prefer Yarr, Pirate Maps. This pirate themed Google Map can provide you driving instructions detailed on a pirate's treasure map.

Yarr, Pirate Maps was one of the earliest maps to make use of custom styles in the Google Maps API. After seven years its nice to see that Yarr, Pirate Maps is still going strong.

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