Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Create an Earth Club Sandwich

In 2006 Ze Frank challenged the viewers of his video show to create an Earth Sandwich. He wanted two people on opposite sides of the Earth to create a sandwich - using two pieces of bread with the whole of planet Earth in between.

To help people create this Earth Sandwich Ze Frank created an interactive map which could find the antipode for any location on Earth. Ze Frank's map no longer works but there are many other maps which can help you find what is on the exact opposite side of Earth from your location. For example, if you enter your location into the Antipodes Map you can discover its antipode. Then (if you can find a willing volunteer on the other side of the Earth) you can make your own Earth Sandwich.

If you want a more upmarket snack (an Earth Club Sandwich if you will) then you can use Around the World instead. This clever interactive tool can find your antipode and also provide you with a little more information about that whole world which lies between you and your antipode.

Enter a location into Around the World and you are shown a globe with your location and its antipode highlighted. On the surface of this globe you can see what you would encounter if you walked from your location via the North or South Pole to your antipode.

Water bodies are shown on the surface of your globe in blue and land is shown in green. Elevation and depth are shown by the height and depth of the green and blue lines. In the center of the globe you can view a few more interesting facts about the journey from your location to its antipode. For example you can see how many countries lie in between your two antipodes and also how many miles of land and sea you would have to cross if you wanted to travel between the two.

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