Friday, June 12, 2020

The Urban Analysis Interactive Map

Morphocode Explorer is a new interactive tool for urban analysis that allows you to explore thematic maps and key urban indicators directly in the browser. The tool has been designed to help businesses and city planners analyze urban data and gain location insights around land use, development intensity, transit networks and demographics.

The Morphocode Explorer interface consists of an interactive map and a data sidebar. The map is used to define the area which you which wish to explore and the sidebar is used to show the various urban indicators for your searched area. In this sidebar you can explore a number of data layers and view visualizations around local land use, transit and demographics.

By selecting an area on the map you can explore a host of local urban performance measures. This allows developers and city planners to quickly assess locations and view interactive charts and graphs of the data, which will hopefully help them to make more informed decisions.

Morphocode Explorer really does allow you to view a huge range of urban data around local land use, access to public transit, local demographics and other urban performance indicators. Even if you aren't a city planner or urban developer you can use Morphocode Explorer to explore the make-up of your local population, how local land is currently used and your local area's public transit accessibility.

Under the hood Morphocode Explorer uses the Mapbox mapping platform, D3, and a custom data pipeline. You can learn more about how the tool was developed at The Making of Morphocode Explorer.

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