Wednesday, January 06, 2021

America's Best Drives


Geotab has worked out the quietest route in every U.S. state. Using 2015 traffic count data Geotab has worked out which roads (interstates, US routes, and state routes over 10 miles long) have the least road traffic. 

America's Quietest Routes allows you to view the quietest route in every state simply by selecting the state on an interactive map. You can then explore the route for yourself using Google Maps' panoramic Street View imagery. America's Quietest Routes also includes a top 10 list of the quietest routes in the United States. Geotab has named Alaska's State Route 11 as America's quietest route. The route is 414 miles long, from Fairbanks to Deadhorse and includes glimpses of the Arctic Ocean and the Yukon River.

Of course just because a road doesn't have a lot of traffic doesn't necessarily make it fun to drive. I'm sure that many motorists would agree that the most interesting roads to drive on are those that curve and twist. Conversely the most boring roads to drive are often those which are long and straight and with very little deviation. If you want to know where the most curvy roads can be found near you then you need Curvature, an interactive map that color-codes the world's roads by how many curves they have. 

The amount of curvature of individual roads is determined using OpenStreetMap data. Individual roads are divided into sections and the radius of curvature at every segment of road is calculated. Then the lengths of the most curvy segments are added together to get a total distance spent cornering.

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