Friday, January 29, 2021

Virtual Tourism

Do you remember vacations? 

In the past, before the global pandemic, once or twice a year people would often take a break from their normal work in order to travel and relax. They would sometimes spend this time visiting far away places and exploring famous landmarks in person. 

Sadly this freedom to travel, which many of us enjoyed in the past, no longer exists. Which means we now have to explore the world virtually from within the confines of our tiny Covid bubbles. 

If you are wondering where to spend your virtual vacation this summer might I suggest a little online trip to the Mediterranean and to the ancient port city of Marseilles. On this journey allow yourself to be guided around the city by Marseilles 2021. Marseilles 2021 by La Phase 5 is a wonderful virtual mapped tour around some of the amazing sights of the French city of Marseilles. 

Marseilles 2021 consists of a custom designed map on which a number of the city's most memorable landmarks are highlighted using numbered markers. Click on a marker and you can visit the location virtually with a custom 360 degree panoramic 'Street View' image. These attractions include the Chinese Garden (pictured above), the Opera House, the Fort St John and the Villa Valmer. Each of the panoramic images includes a little 'information' button which, when clicked, will provide a short guide to the selected landmark. 

Of course one of the highlights of every vacayion is the exotic nightlife that you can enjoy by exploring a city at night. Some areas of Marseilles can be a little dangerous at night so it is wise to take a guided tour with someone local.

Google Night Walk is an amazing narrated Street View tour of Marseilles at night. Google Night Walk takes you on an immersive journey through the lively Cours Julien neighborhood of Marseilles. The tour includes an audio narrated guide by Julie and Christophe, two urban storytellers, who help explain the living history of the city. Many of the custom Street View panoramas in the tour are also enhanced by sound experiences recorded at the same time as the panoramas.

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