Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mapping the Eternal City

In 1748 the Italian architect and surveyor Giambattista Nolli published an ichnographic plan of Rome. Nolli's 'Great Plan of Rome' was remarkable for a number of reasons. It was easily the most accurately surveyed and drawn map of the city to have ever been published. It was also one of the first ichnographic maps of Rome. Before Nolli all the maps of Rome produced since the Roman Empire has almost always been drawn from a bird's eye / oblique perspective.

The Interactive Nolli Map allows you to explore Giambattista Nolli's exceptional map for yourself in close detail. The original Nolli map includes around two thousand numbered locations around the city. These numbers refer to the map index which names each of the numbered sites. On the Interactive Nolli Map these numbers have been made interactive. When you click on one of these numbers on the map an information window opens providing information on the selected feature.

The Interactive Nolli Map also includes a story map introduction to Nolli's Great Plan of Rome. Under the 'Curated Essays' heading you can find a link to The Nolli Map as Artifact, which is a guided tour of the illustrations around the edge of the original map. A number of other essays are also linked under the 'Curated Essays' menu but these essays don't appear to have been completed yet.

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