Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Georgia Senate Election Maps

The results of yesterday's two run-off elections in Georgia will determine which party controls the senate. At the time of writing Democrat Raphael Warnock has won his race against Kelly Loeffler. The other race is yet to be called but currently Democrat Jon Ossoff has a very small lead over Republican David Perdue.

Both The New York Times and The Guardian have published interactive choropleth maps of the two Georgia Senate run-off elections. Both newspapers color Georgia counties by the political party which has taken the most votes. Of the two newspapers the NYT's maps are better, mainly because they use color gradients (The Guardian uses solid red and blue) to help show the margin by which a candidate has won in each county. If you hover over a county on the NYT map you can view the total number of votes won by each candidate, the percentage of votes won and the percentage of votes so far reported in the state.

The Washington Post has also published similar choropleth maps for both of the Georgia run-off elections. The Post has also created three proportional symbol maps for each race which show the level of support for the Democrat and Republican candidates in Urban, Suburban and Rural counties. These proportional symbol maps show the Democratic candidates winning heavily in most Urban and Suburban counties and the Republican candidates winning heavily in most Rural counties.

If the Democratic Party wins both seats in Georgia then both parties will have 50 seats each in the Senate. However the Democrats would have effective control of the Senate. Kamala Harris (Democrat), the vice-president-elect, in her role as president of the Senate, would have the deciding vote in any votes which were tied.

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