Monday, January 18, 2021

Video Maps of the Attack on Washington

Last week Parler, the controversial social network much loved by QAnon morons and right-wing domestic terrorists, was hacked. Very poor security on the Parler website meant that hackers were able to download every message, photo, and video posted to the site. 

Using data from the Parler hack Kyle McDonald was able to create the Parler Video Uploads interactive map. Kyle's map shows the location of videos posted to Parler across the world. Click on a video's dot on the map and you can also read the date stamp of the video. This date information (taken from each video's Exif data) has enabled people to start mapping videos from the Capitol Building insurrection on January 6th.

For example Patri10ic's Y'all Qaeda interactive map actually allows you to watch videos posted on January 6th in and around the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.. These videos all seem to be hosted on YouTube, therefore it is possible Patr10tic created the map from trawling YouTube rather than from the actual Parler hack. 

The Washington Post has also used videos uploaded to social media by some of the right-wing traitors to create a truly harrowing account of the Capitol siege. A 15 minute video called 41 Minutes of Fear recounts and explains what actually happened during the siege. To make the video the Washington Post used video, facial recognition software, text messages, photographs and a digital 3D map of the Capitol Building to reconstruct the events of this fascist attack on American democracy.

41 Minutes of Fear uses video footage and plans of the Capitol Building to provide an historical record of the events inside the Capitol Building after the insurrectionists managed to bypass the amazingly lax police security at the Capitol.The video shows how lawmakers came within close contact of the angry mob and were incredibly lucky not to have been harmed by Trump's army of Anti-American Nazis.

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