Friday, February 05, 2021

Covid-19 School Tracking Maps

The Canada COVID-19 School Tracker is an interactive map which is plotting COVID-19 outbreaks in schools across Canada. The map is designed to provide parents, communities and students with the information to make important decisions about school openings. 

In Canada decisions about school openings are being made at the province level. Unfortunately for parents and students information about Covid-19 cases in schools is not always readily available and some provinces are better than others in reporting outbreaks in schools.

The Canada Covid-19 School Tracker map shows schools which have reported cases of Covid-19. On the map individual schools are represented by colored markers. Yellow markers show where a school has reported individual unlinked cases of Covid-19. Red circles indicate where there have been outbreaks and purple circles show clusters. The size of the circles indicate the total number of reported cases in a school.

The map includes filters which allow you to adjust the schools shown by the number of cases and by date. You can therefore, for example,  use the 'days' filter to only show schools which have reported cases in the last two weeks.

In the UK the School Covid Map takes a different approach. Rather than map the number of Covid-19 cases reported in individual schools the UK School Covid Map shows the number of positive cases reported in the neighborhoods around schools. 

Currently in the UK most schools are closed except for the children of essential workers (e.g. the children of doctors and nurses). The National Education Union has released the School Covid Map to help provide information on whether it is safe to reopen school and colleges. 

The map shows the numbers of Covid-19 cases over the last week in the areas around individual schools and whether the trend in reported cases is rising or falling. The map also shows the watchlist status of the local authority and a link to any local restrictions that are in place.

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Overhere said...

Just to point out that the "UK" map only covers England and Wales. A good resource nevertheless.