Friday, February 12, 2021

The Icebreaking Ships of the Baltic

Despite the effects of global heating parts of the Baltic Sea are still often blocked by ice during the coldest winter months. The task of breaking the ice to clear important shipping lanes falls to the icebreakers, ice-strengthened ships which are used to keep the ports and sea lanes open. 

You can view the Baltic's icebreaking ships working in real-time on's Icebreaking and Traffic interactive map. This map shows the current ice conditions in the Baltic Sea and also the real-time position of icebreaking ships and other commercial and recreational marine traffic. 

Different colors are used on the map to show the latest ice conditions on the sea - ranging from light blue for ice free to a dark red for compacted ice. The map menu allows you to select the type of ships shown on the map. This allows you to turn off all other marine traffic and to only track the Baltic's icebreaking ships.

The data on the condition and location of ice comes from the icebreaking authorities of all the Baltic countries. The locations of the ships is determined by the AIS automated tracking system used by marine traffic.

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