Monday, February 08, 2021

The Commuting Time Map

The CommuteTimeMap can show you how far you can live from your workplace in order to be able to commute to work within the time you would like to spend commuting. Enter your work (or place of study) address into this interactive map, submit your commuting travel time and an isochrone layer will show you all the areas which you can travel to and from within your commuting time. 

The CommuteTimeMap works for different methods of commuting. You can change your mode of transport for your commuting isochrone between public transport, car, cycling or walking. The isochrone layer showing how far you can travel will change depending on your chosen mode of transport.

At the present time a lot of people might not be in need of a map which shows how far you can commute within a certain time. However the map is still useful for those of us working for home. The CommuteTimeMap includes an option which allows you to view an isochrone layer for more than one address. So, for example, if you want to meet up with a friend outside you can enter both your addresses and see the areas which are within a 15 minute walk of both your homes. You can even ask the map to highlight just the areas which intersects both of your travel areas. 

You can view many more travel time maps by checking out the Maps Mania isochrone label.

Via: WeeklyOSM

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