Wednesday, February 10, 2021

No Fly Free Zones

In response to the more virulent variants of Covid-19 which are now emerging lots of nations around the world appear to be updating their lists of who is and isn't permitted to enter their countries on an almost daily basis. Every day the IATA (International Air Transport Association) updates and releases a new set of rules to explain who is and isn’t allowed to travel into which countries based on the lock-down and travel regulations initiated by countries around the world.

You can now listen to a live broadcast of IATA's daily summary of all the individual state travel restrictions on the No Fly Free Zone interactive globe. This 3D globe uses green and red lines to show flight routes which are currently permitted and prohibited. However the globe's main purpose is the automated broadcast of the IATA restrictions. This broadcast reads out the travel rules for each country around the world in turn.An airport jingle is used to announce the start of each new country's list of travel regulations and requirements.

The No Fly Free Zone interactive globe is the work of artists Mari Bastashevski & Sam Lavigne. The IATA broadcast is updated regularly to reflect the changes in travel regulations as reported on the IATA website.

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