Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Age of Providence

Two new interactive maps have been released which help in the never-ending quest to map the age of every single building in the world. The How Old is Providence? and How Old is Minneapolis? building age maps follow the familiar methodology of coloring individual building plots to represent the decade when buildings were constructed.

The Providence building age map is interactive. Hovering over an individual land parcel on this map will reveal the year of a building's construction. The Minneapolis map is just a static image but there is a zoomable version of the map available which allows you to get a detailed view of different areas of the city. 

Of the two maps the Minneapolis map appears at first glance to be the more revealing. To my untutored eye there appears to be a pattern of more modern buildings existing alongside the Mississippi River. I know nothing about the city but my guess is that this reflects the demise of heavy industry along the river-front and the development of modern apartment buildings in place of those old industrial buildings.

Here are a few other building age maps for cities around the world:

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