Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Noisy Children Map

The Dorozoku interactive map has stirred up a lot of noise in Japan. The Dorozoku (road-tribe) map is a crowd-sourced noise pollution map which anyone can use to identify noisy streets. People are using the map to complain about noisy children playing on the street or about adults standing around and talking loudly.

One typical complaint on the map reads.

"It's noisy and dangerous as many children in the neighborhood gather and run around."

Not everyone is happy with the map and some see it as encouraging intolerance towards children. Thousands of users of the map however have been keen to take to the map to identify streets which they think are too noisy or where playing children are causing damage to property. In fact it appears that people like to complain about their noisy neighbors and the Dorozoku map features a lot of noisy roads. 

The road-tribe map isn't solely concerned about noise. The map is designed so that people can report where roads are being 'misused' for such things as barbecues and games of football. The map's creator believes that such 'misuse' of roads can be both noisy and dangerous.

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