Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Pointillist New York

Pointillism NYC is an interactive map of New York which uses LIDAR data to show all the city's fabulous skyscrapers in glorious 3D. This 3D map is made from millions of individual dots which together create an incredible map of the city. A map which closely resembles the paintings of Pointillist artists such as Georges Seurat or Paul Signac. 

You can view your favorite landmarks in the city on Pointillism NYC by using the drop-down menu which allows you to quickly pan and zoom to view your favorite New York landmarks, such as the Stature of Liberty, The Empire State Building and the Flat Iron building.

You can learn more about how the map was made on this Impression NYC story map. This map also contains the impressive 3D LIDAR data of Poitillism NYC but also includes information on how the map was made. Both maps use 2017 NYC LIDAR data of New York which was captured after Hurricane Sandy. The data was captured by aircraft which used lasers to create a topographic point cloud of the city. To create a more photo-realistic map each of the individual data points within the LIDAR data were then colored to match the colors in satellite imagery of the city. The result is this incredibly impressive stylized 3D map of New York.

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