Monday, April 26, 2021

Anti-Fascist Heroes

In Italy the 25th of April is Liberation Day. A national holiday is held on this day to celebrate the anniversary of Italy's liberation from Mussolini's fascist regime and of the occupation of Italy by Nazi Germany during World War II.

To commemorate Liberation Day mad-scientist has created an interactive map which highlights all the streets in Italy which have been named for Partisan heroes of the resistance. If you hover over any of the streets colored red on the Roads of the Resistance map the name of the street will be shown in the map sidebar. If you click on a street then an information window will open providing a preview of the individual's Wikipedia entry. 

The Roads of the Resistance map was partly inspired by Geochicas' Calles de las Mujeres analysis of the disparity in the number of streets named for men compared to those named for women.On the Calles de las Mujeres map individual roads are colored either blue or yellow to show whether they were named for either men or women. A doughnut chart also displays the percentage of the streets (with people's names) named for men compared to the percentage of streets named for women

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