Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Winners & Losers of the 2020 Census

Texas has gained two seats in the House of Representatives as a result of the 2020 census. California, New York and five other states have lost seats. 

The 2020 Census Population Counts for Apportionment have now been released by the US Census Bureau. Every ten years the results of the U.S. census are used to calculate the number of seats that each state will have in the House of Representatives. Based on the population counts from the census each state is awarded seats in the House. Due to the changes in each state's population some states will gain seats and some will lose.

You can view how each state has been affected by the 2020 census on the Census Bureau's Historical Apportionment Data Map. The map colors each state to show whether the state has gained or lost seats or whether they have kept the same number of seats in the House of Representatives. The yellow colored states have all lost seats. The Census Bureau's map also allows you to view the apportionment map for every U.S census since 1910 so you can see the number of seats each state has had in the House for every decade in the last 110 years.  

You can explore the data further and view more visualizations of the census population data on the Census Bureau's 2020 Census Apportionment Results page.

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