Thursday, April 22, 2021

Commuting by Doughnut

Jobs in the Netherlands is a mapped visualization showing where people commute to and from in the Netherlands. The map uses flow lines and doughnut charts to plot data from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) to visualize where workers in major towns have commuted from. 

The doughnut charts placed over each town shown the percentage of workers in the town who commute in from other towns and cities (and the number who commute internally within the town or city). The flow lines between towns also show the number of workers who are commuting between the two towns. If you click on a doughnut chart you can view the actual numbers of people who commute internally within the town and the number who commute in from neighboring towns and cities.

The data appears to be from December 2019 - so from just before the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. The map therefore provides an important historical visualization of commuting in the Netherlands before the global outbreak. It will be really interesting to see a similar visualization in the future - to observe if the coronavirus has had a permanent effect on the number of  commuting and the number of people working from home. For example this map shows that before the epidemic 11,300 people commuted from Utrecht to work in Amsterdam. I wonder how many people will be doing that same journey every day in 2025?

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