Wednesday, April 07, 2021

What Will the Climate be in 2100?

Norwegian broadcasting company NRK has used data from Norwegian and international climate scientists to predict the climate in the year 2100. If you live in Norway you can use NRK's What Will the Climate be in Your Kommune to discover how climate change is likely to effect your local environment eighty years from now.

Enter your address into NRK's interactive and you can view your Kommune's likely climate future based on a model of moderate global heating. Scroll through What Will the Climate be in Your Kommune and you can discover how much warmer average temperatures will be, how much rain you can expect, whether flooding will be more likely, how much sea levels are likely to have risen, how much shorter the skiing season is likely to be and how far glaciers are likely to have shrunk. 

All the future climate data presented in What Will the Climate be in Your Kommune is based on the future climate forecast for your local area. All the graphics and data visualizations used in the forecast are localized to your kommune. This includes a map which shows the town or city which currently has a similar average temperature to which your kommune will experience in the year 2100.

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