Thursday, April 15, 2021

Creating 3D Medieval Cities

Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator is a fantastic tool for generating random maps of medieval towns.The generator allows you to magically create your very own random fantasy medieval map based on a number of customizable options.

I've featured the Medieval Fantasy City Generator on Maps Mania before in my round-up of Fantasy Map Generators. I'm returning to the generator today because I have just discovered that Watabou also allows you to create incredible 3D fly-throughs of your invented medieval cities. Once you have created a map using the Medieval Fantasy City Generator you can export the city as a JSON file (Settlement >.Export as > JSON).

Now if you open Watabou's City Viewer you can create a 3D version of your medieval city map. Just select 'Load JSON' and City Viewer will automatically create a 3D model of your medieval city. The 3D model includes two animated options. The 'rotation' view provides a bird's eye view of your city, while the 'fly-through' view provides an animated first person walk along your city's roads. 

City Viewer comes with a number of other options. One of these allows you to explore the city yourself (using your w,a,s,d and arrow keys). The 'style' option allows you to manually select the colors used for the walls, roofs, water, fields etc.

All I want now is a version of City Viewer that works with real geographical data - for example a GeoJSON file of neighborhood data exported from OpenStreetMap. 

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Nate said...

Such an OSM modelling tool exists. It's an addon to the open-source Blender3D software: