Thursday, April 01, 2021


WTF (what2figures) is a revolutionary new global addressing system, which can locate your position anywhere on Earth with only two numbers. 

In the past if you wanted to share your location with somebody else you would have to remember three entire words. Obviously having to remember three unconnected words in order to share your location is needlessly complicated. Now you only need to remember two simple numbers!

And that's not all ... WTF is recognized by all the major mapping companies throughout the world. Enter your WTF two number address into Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps or Apple Maps and your address will  be instantly recognized and shown on the map.  

Finding your WTF address couldn't be easier. Just click on the interactive WTF map and you will be given a unique two number address. This two figure address pinpoints your location on Earth with millimeter accuracy. You can now share your WTF address with anybody you like. Click on the Google Maps or OSM links and you will be shown your WTF address on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. If you want to share your current location with the wider world you can also click on the 'Tweet' link to post your WTF two number address to your Twitter stream. 

Use WTF and never get lost again.

This map was posted on April Fools Day 2021.


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Ah! You got me. Good one! :)

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My latitude and longitude? Really?