Thursday, April 29, 2021

The True Cost of Living Map

HowMuch's True cost of living in the United States interactive map can tell you how much it costs to live in American neighborhoods based on your own personal needs. Using the map you can discover where you can (and cannot) afford to live in America's major towns and cities.

Enter a city into HowMuch's cost of living interactive and you can view a map visualizing how much it costs to live in each of the city's neighborhoods. Your personal cost of living will obviously depend on factors such as the size of your family, your income, occupation, and even your food preferences. The cost of living map therefore includes a number of filters which allows you to customize the neighborhood cost of living ratings to match your own circumstances. 

After you have entered your income (and other  cost of living factors) the map will color neighborhoods based on whether you can afford to live there are not. The areas colored red on the map are neighborhoods where you would have to increase your income in order to be able to afford to live there. You can hover over individual neighborhoods on the map to view exactly how much more you would have to earn to be able to afford to live there or (if you are lucky) how much money you will have left living in the neighborhood after your costs of living have been deducted.

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