Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Best in the World

It often feels like Maps Mania is nothing more than a constant stream of depressing map visualizations. For days and days it can seem like I post nothing more than interactive maps of war, global warming, racism, and sexism.

Today of all days I need something a bit more uplifting and positive. Something which will remind me that the human race is capable of acts of outstanding beauty, intelligence and grace. To that end may I present to you the Because Every Country is the Most Beautiful at Something interactive map.

Information is Beautiful scoured the internet to discover something positive about every country on Earth. The result is Because Every Country is the Most Beautiful at Something, an interactive map which labels every country with one beautiful thing which they were the first to do or which they are the world leader in. For example the U.S. has the most generous donors to charity, Austria invented postcards and Colombia has the most bird species.

If only Vladimir Putin could settle for living in a country with a plentiful supply of mandarins then the world would surely be a happier and much more peaceful planet.

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