Thursday, February 03, 2022

The Interactive Map Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun interactive map game which requires you to fit the outlines of geographical areas onto their correct locations on a blank global map. The game is a little bit like a map jigsaw in that it requires you to place shapes (in this case geographical/political areas) into their correct positions.

Each MapPuzzle round starts with a list of geographical areas which you have to fit onto a blank map. This list of puzzle pieces can be countries, states or cities (depending on the game you are playing). Each map puzzle piece in the list is shown with an illustration. When you click on a puzzle piece on this list this shape will start to follow your mouse. All you have to do now is to drag it to its correct position on the blank map (in the screenshot above you can see me dragging the outline of California onto a map of the United States).

The game includes a running counter which tells you how many pieces you have correctly placed on the map and how many pieces you have remaining. This counter also includes a timer. Your goal is therefore to finish the game in the quickest time possible. 

If you enjoy map jigsaws then you should like Jigsaw Explorer. You can make and play your very own online map jigsaws using the Jigsaw Explorer website. The Jigsaw Explorer interface allows you to create interactive online jigsaws from any image. Which means that you can make your very interactive jigsaw maps just from the image on any map.

Here are some interactive jigsaws that I've created from maps in the David Rumsey Map Collection:


If you don't want to make your own interactive map jigsaws then you can play some already created by Esri.

GeoJigsaw is a fun to play interactive map jigsaw game. The game allows you to select jumbled up map jigsaws from any location in the world. All you have to do is to put all the jigsaw pieces back together to complete the map.

You can select map jigsaw puzzles to play by location or by difficulty level. If you can't find a map that you like don't worry. You can just zoom in on any location in the world and automatically generate a map jigsaw puzzle for the location that you have selected.

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