Thursday, February 10, 2022


A couple of week's ago I released Worlde, a Wordle type game which requires you to guess the names of countries and major global cities rather than words from the dictionary. Now comes Worldle, an even better Wordle inspired geography game.

Worldle is a fantastic game which requires you to name a country from just its map outline. Like the original Wordle game you have six goes in which to get the right answer. And, like Wordle, there is only one game to play every day.

Where Worldle differs a lot from Wordle is in the clues given after each answer. Instead of green and yellow squares Worldle uses arrows and percentages to help you get to the correct answer from your incorrect guesses. After each guess, you are told the distance you were from the correct country, the direction you need to move on a map and the proximity of your guess to the target country. With just these clues it should be possible to work out the correct answer within the permitted six guesses (particularly if like me you cheat and use a world map).

Worldle is the inspired creation of @teuteuf.


Anonymous said...

YOU did a great job

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job! We love this game at work. The only downside...a much smaller number of countries than 5-letter words! We will be done before the end of the year!

Anonymous said...

I’m searching the web for the perfect worldle map - strong outlines and different colors - hard to find! Can you recommend? I love this game because it’s teaching me the “new geography” of our world. Thanks!