Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Brooklyn Bridge is Falling Down

Brooklyn Bridge may not be about to fall down any time soon, however according to the U.S. National Bridge Inventory Map it is in 'poor condition'. Esri's U.S. National Bridge Inventory Map uses government data to map the age and condition of bridges over 100 years old in the United States. The map can be used to discover the condition of bridges across the country and view data on how much traffic they carry.

If you click on Brooklyn Bridge on Esri's map an information window informs you that the, "bridge was built in 1839, making it 139 years old. It's in poor condition and has 116,071 average daily crossings". The Brooklyn Bridge isn't the oldest bridge on the map. The oldest still functioning bridge is Pennypack Creek Bridge, Pennsylvania, which was built in 1697. The Pennypack Creek Bridge is described as being in good condition and still has 12,200 average daily crossings.

The U.S. National Bridge Inventory Map includes a number of filtering options. If you want to avoid any bridges that may be in danger of collapsing then you can filter the map to show only those bridges the government has decreed as being in poor condition. There are 4,121 of these - carrying on average of nearly 129 million daily traffic. Other options allow you to filter the bridges by age and by average daily traffic.

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