Thursday, June 09, 2022

The Map of Your Twitter Friends

Small World is a new application which acts like a Marauder's Map for your Twitter Friends. 

Sign in to Small World using your Twitter account and you can view all the people you follow on Twitter on an interactive map. Small World can even automatically notify you when you're in the same city as one of your Twitter friends.

According to Small World 14 of my Twitter friends are currently close-by, living somewhere in London. Small World also informs me that one of my Twitter friends from the U.S. is currently in London on a visit. If I want I can give Small World permission to e-mail when friends from outside London are visiting near-by. Which means I can then DM them if I want to suggest meeting-up.

Small World maps the people that you follow. If you have ever wondered where your Twitter followers live then you can use TweepsMap to find out. There are a number of applications that can help you map your Twitter followers. TweetsMaps however can also show you the percentage of followers you have in different countries. It even allows you to drill down to see how many followers you have in each state and in each city. 

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