Friday, June 17, 2022

Cool Off with a Climate Stripe Fan!

Has Global Warming got you sweating this summer? 

Don't worry. And don't get all hot under the collar about climate change. Instead just sit back & relax and cool yourself off with a strikingly beautiful Climate Stripe Fan.

The Berliner Morgenpost's Climate Stripe Fan is the perfect answer to this summer's record breaking heat waves. Let's face it world leaders and global corporations will do nothing to halt global heating. So why not just ineffectually wave a piece of colored paper at the burning world. It is the perfect visual metaphor for the world's response to the approaching climate apocalypse.

If we are going to willfully destroy the planet then we might as well look pretty while doing it. So why not go to the Berliner Morgenpost's Climate Stripe Fan page - enter the name of your town - and print out your own personalized Climate Stripe Fan.

Currently the Climate Stripe Fan only works for German locations but if you live elsewhere in the world (and let's face if climate change is global) then you can use Ed Hawkins' original Climate Stripes website to print out a visualization of global heating in your area of the world. 

Ed Hawkins' Climate Stripes visualization of global heating over time has quickly become a data visualization design classic. In 2018 Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, released this new form of data visualization to illustrate how temperatures have risen around the globe over a period of time.

In these visualizations colored stripes are used to show the average annual temperatures for every year over the course of a large number of years. The result is a very powerful and clear visualization of how temperatures have begun to rise very quickly in this century when compared to previous norms. 

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